2010-10-26 10:10:42 by Vibestyler

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A few weeks ago I found out that I'm able to edit and update my audio submissions. Now there are just the latest final mixes online. These tracks got updated, check them out:

A-Type // Tetris Jumpstyle Theme
The Hill
Clubbing On Mars
Goil! (Extended Mix)
Counter-Strike (Return Of The CT Mix)
Just Freaks
The Alternate Route (Vibestyler Remix Edit)
Tone King Drokk

Unfortunately I wasn't able to update 'Regenbogen' and 'Ascending Star' yet. There are technical problems because these tracks are just too popular.

PS: New track online. THiNKiNG LiKE A HERO! Check it out!

back! :-O

2009-06-14 03:36:31 by Vibestyler

it's more than half a year ago, when i uploaded the last track. i don't know why, but now there are 2 new songs. and tomorrow there will follow 2 more.

Marc (Gib' mir einen Text!) (Dance)
On The Run (DnB)


2007-08-13 15:48:44 by Vibestyler

im new on newgrounds but i hope i wont delete my acc after 2 weeks... so welcome at my page and have fun with the music ill upload ^^